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Adjudication Division

Our Mission

To conduct all formal Utah Labor Commission hearings in a fair, efficient, courteous and consistent manner.

Applications for Hearing Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

Reasons to request a hearing:

The Adjudication division accepts documents filed by e-mail at  All documents must be in PDF format.  E-mail addresses must be included in all documents filed with the division.

The Adjudication Division sends all orders, notices, letters and any other form of communication via e-mail.  Paper documentation will not be sent via U.S. mail to those with e-mail addresses. is reserved for the Adjudication Division exclusively.  Documents for other divisions will not be accepted.

Medical Panelists

The Utah Workers’ Compensation Act directs that a Labor Commission medical panel must include one or more physicians who specialize in the treatment of the disease or the condition involved in the claim.

To review the curriculum vitae (CV) for a medical panel physician, please click the physician’s name.

Workers’ Compensation Denial

An injured worker, or surviving spouse and/or dependents in cases of death, may challenge the employer/insurer’s claim denial by filing an Application for Hearing. There is a different form depending on whether the…

Workers’ compensation laws require employers or insurance carriers to pay for injuries arising at work. The Labor Commission is here to make sure that workers’ compensation laws are followed.

Industrial Accidents Non-Compliance Penalty Appeal

After a request for hearing is filed with the Industrial Accidents Division, it is forwarded to the Adjudication Division to begin the hearing process. A hearing is scheduled no sooner than 120 days after the request is received.

Employment Discrimination

When a request for evidentiary hearing is filed with the Antidiscrimination and Labor Division, it is forwarded to the Adjudication Division to begin the adjudication process. A Scheduling Order is issued setting…

UOSH Notice of Contest Hearings

A Notice of Contest filed with the Adjudication Division begins a formal adjudication. The Adjudication Division sends notice to the parties that an adjudication has begun.

Medical Provider Claim Denial

If a claim for medical treatment to treat an injured worker is denied by the industrial insurer or self-insured employer, the medical provider can participate in the informal dispute resolution process through the…