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The Utah Labor Commission plays a vital role in Utah’s economy by ensuring safety and fairness in the workplace and housing.  The Commission’s five divisions, Adjudication, Boiler, Elevator and Coal Mine Safety, Industrial Accidents, Utah Antidiscrimination and Labor Division (UALD), and Utah Occupational Safety and Health Administration (UOSH), ensure that the Labor Commission touches every business in Utah in multiple ways. From the Office of Coal Mine Safety in Price to the southern Utah Adjudication office in St. George, to the Commission’s HQ in downtown Salt Lake, Utah Labor Commission employees cover the state to enhance safety in Utah’s workplaces and achieve fairness in employment and housing.  



The Labor Commission’s values are instilled in our programs, our relationships with the public we serve, our colleagues, and the community in general. The Commission embraces these values in the way we lead and support the Commission every day:

  • Each person has value and worth. Each individual we interact with has a point of view that is important. For these reasons, we respect individual lives and histories and treat each person equitably.
  • We respect and follow the statutes and regulations that govern our activities.
  • The public interest is advanced by transparent and open processes.
  • We owe the people of Utah and our colleagues at the Commission the highest level of competency and service.
  • Commission employees deserve a workplace that provides support, safety, and respect.
  • Professional development is essential to a competent, dedicated staff and, ultimately, to the success of the Commission.

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