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Extra-Territorial Certificates

What Is Extra-Territorial Coverage?

Extra-territorial coverage is defined as coverage extended to Utah employees who work outside of Utah and in some cases out of state employers that bring their employees to work temporarily in Utah. Reciprocal arrangements exist when a sister state allows Utah employees to work in their state without needing to obtain coverage in that state. If a state does not recognize a reciprocal arrangement, you are still covered in that state by Utah coverage pursuant to Utah’s laws, but may also be subject to that state’s requirement to obtain coverage there. Reciprocal arrangements vary by state with some states having certain industry exclusions. The Industrial Accidents Division issues extra-territorial certificates of insurance on a case by case basis. This certificate notifies the other state that Utah has coverage extending to the other state. Utah Code Ann. §34A-2-405.

How to request an Extra-Territorial Coverage Certificate for Utah Employers

If you are a Utah employer with a current workers’ compensation policy and planning on working in any state Utah has a reciprocity agreement with, please fill out this form.

Note: Duration not to exceed 6 months in a 12 month period or beyond the current policy end date


Additional Questions?

If you are a non-Utah employer with questions about working in Utah, please contact us with questions or for more information.