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Individuals with speech and/or hearing impairments may call:

  1. Relay Utah by dialing 711.
  2. Spanish Relay Utah: 1-888-346-3162
  3. or visit their website at:

For the Sight Impaired:

  • Download a program to assist the sight impaired with reading our web site.
  • To make the text on this website larger, go to the menu in your browser and change the text size.
    • In Internet Explorer you would go to "View", "Text Size", and then select "Larger" or "Largest".
    • In Firefox you would go to "View", "Zoom", "Zoom In".

Accessibility of Labor Commission Services

  • To ensure equal access and consistency in our quality of services in order to provide the best experience for individuals seeking Labor Commission services.
  • Addressing the challenges preventing our customers from accessing our services, whether these barriers are related to a disability or limited language skills.
  • The identification and development of innovative business practices and education and outreach efforts to benefit our customer base.

For special accessibility requests and information and feedback on how we can make our services more accessible, please contact:

Community Relations/Public Information Officer
(801) 530-6918