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Injuries on The Job

  • Employers can purchase a workers’ compensation insurance policy through any insurance carrier authorized to write coverage in Utah. We post a list of carriers known to write workers’ compensation policies for small to medium sized employers at:

  • You need to report any workplace injury to your employer, no matter how slight. Your employer is required by law to ensure a First Report of Injury is submitted to to the Utah Labor Commission's Division of Industrial Accidents within seven (7) days of them being informed of your injury. They do this by reporting the injury to the workers' compensation insurance carrier, who in turn electronically reports the injury.

  • Call UOSH at 801-530-6901 within eight hours of the occurrence of all fatalities; disabling, significant and serious injuries or illnesses.

  • Workers' compensation insurance is a wage replacement and medical care program for a worker who suffers a work related injury or illness. All employers, with few exceptions, are required to have workers' compensation insurance. It is a no-fault system and is the exclusive remedy available to an employee against an employer who suffers a work related injury or illness. Your employer is required by law to post the workers' compensation insurance carrier's name, address and phone number at your place of employment.

  • The Industrial Accidents Division of Utah Labor Commission, has staff available that can assist you with your workers' compensation claim. You can reach our workers' compensation intake staff by calling (801)530-6800 or our toll-free number for those employees outside of the Salt Lake area is (800)530-5090. The Commission also has a written publication available that can help an injured employee through the workers' compensation process. This publication entitled, "Employee's Guide to Workers' Compensation" is free of charge and explains the basic rights and responsibilities of the injured employee.

    La Comisión también tiene una publicación escrita que puede ayudar a un empleado lesionado a través del proceso de compensación de trabajadores. Esta publicación titulada " Guía del Empleado Sobre El Seguro De Compensación Para Los Trabajadores " es gratuita y explica los derechos y responsabilidades del empleado lesionado.

  • The coverage is paid for and maintained by your employer and the benefits are paid by the carrier. The premium cost cannot be deducted from your pay.

    See if your employer has workers' compensation insurance by clicking here.

  • Medical care, disability benefits, wage replacement and burial benefits. For further detailed information please see our
    Employee’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation   |  Guía del Empleado Sobre El Seguro De Compensación Para Los Trabajadores.

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