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Workplace Safety (WPS) Grant Application

General Application Guidelines
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January - December, 2015
See schedule at the bottom of this page


The purpose of this application is to identify businesses, educational institutions and community agencies who demonstrate a commitment to workplace safety and desire to implement initiatives which promote either new or existing safety programs within the workplace. The program is to be completed by December 31, 2015.


  1. Increase workplace safety by reducing accidents.
  2. Promote employer\employee awareness of the need for workplace safety.
  3. Assist employers in establishing new programs or supplementing existing programs which promote workplace safety.
  4. Inform employers and employees of resources available through the Labor Commission to assist them in improving workplace safety programs.


This is a competitive grant process and certain set criteria will be used in making the decision to fund the proposal.

The following entities are eligible to apply for purpose of this grant:

  • Utah Businesses
  • Community based organizations
  • Utah Non-profits
  • Local Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Entities

Applications are limited to workplace safety projects to be implemented in the state of Utah, and companies or agencies conducting business in the state.


Criteria that will be used in making a decision regarding which proposals to fund include, but are not limited to:

  • Programs that meet the priorities set forth by the selection committee. For this fiscal year priorities identified include those that address language and cultural barriers that affect workplace safety practices.
  • Programs that address higher industry or occupational trends and which are striving to reduce workplace accidents or fatalities in high-risk settings or industry occupations.
  • Programs that are innovative, can be emulated, and will set a precedence for best practices in workplace safety programs;
  • Preference will be given to projects which are supported, at least in portion, by sources other than Workplace Safety Funds.
  • Priority for funding will be given to entities that have demonstrated financial need as well as small and medium based companies (250 or less employees).


  • Safety workshops, seminars and presentations focusing on workplace safety.
  • Development of workplace safety initiatives for those with Limited English Proficiency.
  • Trade programs that integrate skills training with emphasis in safety.
  • Training sessions.
  • Purchases of safety materials\publications\videos.
  • Cross training between organizations.
  • Substance abuse programs related to workplace safety.
  • Implementation\augmentation of workplace safety programs.
  • Workplace violence prevention / awareness training.
  • Innovative workplace safety programs through the use of technology.


Examples include:

  1. Electronic equipment (TV’s, video recorders, phones, etc).
  2. Administrative costs related to general grant oversight and monitoring.
  3. Fees for rental of facilities owned by grantee, even in instances when the facilities are being used for purposes of implementing safety projects.
  4. Social dinners and events NOT related to safety conferences or awards.
  5. Travel out of state.
  6. Cost of doing business as usual.
  7. Fringe Benefits. WPS funds may be used to pay for fringe benefits for individuals directly carrying out program activities. WPS should NOT be used to pay for fringe benefits related to general oversight or administrative functions. These benefits CAN be counted as grantee’s matching funds for purposes of application.
  8. New Positions. WPS monies cannot be utilized to fund new positions regardless of whether or not they are related to a specific safety project being proposed for funding.
  9. Facilities maintenance and/or utility bills (heating and electrical bills, etc.).
  10. In-kind services provided by consultants or contractors. These include services for which your company has not received directly an invoice, or for which you have not incurred an expense such as in the case of services and commodities that have been categorized under a trade-in agreement.

Note: If you have specific questions about what items or expenses may qualify or be exempt from the outlined criteria, please contact the Workplace Safety Manager for additional clarification.


No later than Monday, October 6, 2014 by 5:00 p.m.

  1. Submit your application ONE OF TWO WAYS as follows:
    • Electronically – Submit by email to
      • It is YOUR responsibility to verify that your application was received.
    • OR

    • Hard Copy - Eight (8) copies (1 original and 7 copies) of the application signed by agency officer.
      • Mail your submissions to:

        Utah Labor Commission
        Workplace Safety Grants
        Attn: Elena Bensor
        160 East 300 South, 3rd floor
        P.O. Box 146600
        Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114-6600

      • Or hand deliver to:
        Heber Wells Building
        160 East 300 South 3rd Floor (The Labor Commission is located on 3rd Floor)
        Salt Lake City, Utah

        Applications should be in a sealed envelope marked:
        Attention Workplace Safety Grant - Elena Bensor

        Faxed applications are NOT acceptable.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee. Grantees will be selected and notified according to the schedule at the end of these guidelines.
  3. If your proposal is selected for an award, after being notified by email or phone, you will receive (by email) a copy of the state contract which needs to be signed by your company’s authorized representative. Send back the electronic form with signatures by email to the Labor Commission Make sure to include all pages including terms and conditions.

  4. Note: There is a deadline to determine when the contracts need to be received back into our office. If the deadline is not met, your monies may be forfeit and funds will not be issued. Check the schedule at the end of these guidelines for deadlines.

  5. Contracts will be processed by our finance office. When contracts have been fully processed and approved, a final copy will be sent to you for your records.
  6. All projects are to start on January 1st of grant year or thereafter. Reimbursements will not be processed before the end of the first quarter, and all invoices and requests for reimbursement must be submitted with a quarterly report in order to be processed for payment.
  7. If your proposal is approved for WPS funding, you will be required to attend at least two training/orientation sessions. See Schedule for more information.


The contract will be for up to a 12 month period (ending December 31 of the grant year) or less, depending on the nature of the proposal.


In the last couple of years, we have seen a reduction in funding making the qualifying process more competitive. This year, approximately $500,000 in Workplace Safety Account funds will be available for grants, to be distributed among as many qualifying applicants and in the monetary amounts the Labor Commission deems appropriate.


Non-profits may qualify for additional funding for sponsorship of safety awards events, safety luncheon recognition events and conferences.

These safety awards or conference awards apply only to Non-profits (examples are: the Utah Manufacturer’s Association, Associated General Contractors, Restaurant Association and other similar entities) that support workplace safety as part of an overall safety culture through their members, award recognitions or safety conventions.

Note: In order to qualify for this special funding, the criteria utilized in selecting your safety award recipients must be included as part of your application.

A list of your Safety Award Recipients must be provided to the Labor Commission with your quarterly reports.

There is a limit of up to $5,000 or less per business, agency or association.

If interested in applying for this additional funding, you may:

  1. Utilize the separate Workplace Safety Award Application for purposes of applying for this funding.
  2. As part of your Event Summary, describe type of event, expected number of attendees and any other relevant information related to your safety awards or safety conference.
  3. Request for safety awards and conferences funding may be submitted in addition to other regular workplace safety grant requests.


  1. The Labor Commission reserves the right to reject any or all applications received.
  2. Priority will be given to entities that have demonstrated financial need.
  3. If your proposal is denied and you are in disagreement, or would like to ask specifics, please contact the Workplace Safety Manager for additional clarification.
  4. Reconsideration of declined requests for funding must be submitted in written form by email or post within two weeks of notification. Reconsideration requests must be received within 14 calendar days of denial and they may be submitted by email.


  1. Reimbursements should be submitted on a quarterly basis. Include your Quarterly Progress Report along with your invoice. Invoices without a quarterly report will not be processed until reports are submitted.

    1. Exceptions to the quarterly report and payment reimbursements will be considered based on prior approval from the Workplace Safety Manager.
    2. Quarterly reports are due at the end of the following months:
      • March
      • June
      • September
      • December(final report)
  2. Quarterly reports are a requirement and MUST be submitted using template form provided: Quarterly Progress Report AND must include your reimbursement request.
  3. Note: If grantee fails to submit 2 quarterly reports, funding may be forfeit and monies will be re-allocated to other workplace safety projects. Even if there is no grant related activity for a specific quarter, a report stating that there was no activity MUST be submitted!

  4. Reimbursement requests should be submitted as an invoice along with an itemized description of expenses including receipts for requested reimbursements. Examples of information to be included are: receipts for item or services provided, date service was rendered, copies of bills, including copies of payroll (if billing for personnel services), etc.
  5. If submitting travel expenses, grantees must submit invoice along with a copy of receipts for allowable expenses. You have the option of submitting your own travel reimbursement request form. If you are using your own travel reimbursement request form, you must include the traveler’s name, date of travel, purpose of travel, and must itemize lodging, meals and mileage reimbursement, per diem, and any other expenses. Include receipts for any reimbursements requested.
  6. If submitting expenses for personnel or contractual services, a copy of payroll or invoice from vendor (in the case of contractual work) is required.
  7. Once the reimbursement request has been received by our office, allow two-three weeks for reimbursement to be processed.
  8. In order to process allowable costs in a timely manner and before the ending of the fiscal year, requests for payment and invoices submitted during the fourth quarter of the WPS grant, must be submitted by COB on December 31 of grant year. Invoices submitted after this date, may be denied.
  9. Reimbursement requests for items not outlined within the scope of work statement will not be allowable expenses for the purposes of this grant.


The successful recipients shall:

  • Be able to complete the project by December 31 of grant year.
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully complete the project based on qualifications, expertise, and previous experience of staff.
  • Provide the Labor Commission with a time line and specific details of the successful completion of the project.
  • Provide updates and quarterly progress reports to the Commission with a final report of the project due upon completion. The Commission reserves the right to audit or request a progress report at any time throughout the project.
  • The prime contractor shall be responsible for all costs and contract performances whether or not subcontractors are used. Current employees of the state of Utah, or any other governmental agency as well as consultant affiliates of the Labor Commission may not participate as subcontractors.
  • Define performance evaluation tools and respective performance measurements which will be used to analyze the success of the project.
  • Performance measurements will be used in reporting program success to the Governor, Legislature, and the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council.


The Utah Labor Commission reserves the right to conduct a performance and financial audit of any project funded under this Notice of Request for Grant Application. Grantee agrees to cooperate and make available any and all information and documentation including financial information pertaining to this grant. By signing and submitting the contractual agreement, grantee agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.


January – December 2015

Wed -- Sept 10

By Mon -- Oct 6

By Thur -- Nov 20

Grant Notice Released and Applications Open.

Applications submitted to the Labor Commission by 5:00 p.m.

Selection Committee meets to review applications, designate recipients, and determine award amounts.

The Selection Committee will consist of the following:

  • Commissioner of the Labor Commission;
  • UOSH Division Director, Labor Commission;
  • One Employer representative, Workers' Compensation Advisory Council;
  • One Employee representative, Workers' Compensation Advisory Council;
  • Workplace Safety Program Manager;
  • Industrial Accidents Division Director, Labor Commission; and
  • Administrative Services Division Representative, Labor Commission.

By Fri - Dec 5

By Mon - Dec 15

Recipients notified of selection and award amounts

Labor Commission is to receive signed contracts back from grantee.

Tentative - Grantee Orientation Training (required session if you receive funding)

Wednesday, Jan 14 (TENTATIVE)
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Utah Labor Commission, 160 East 300 South 3rd Floor, SLC

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