Voluntary Protection Program

The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) promotes comprehensive workplace safety and health management systems through cooperative relationships among management, labor, and OSHA.  Admission to VPP status constitutes Utah OSHA’s official recognition of company management and employees with outstanding occupational safety and health management systems.

VPP is based on a cooperative relationship between management, labor and Public Sector, the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) management system promotes worker protection, requiring active employee involvement and management commitment. The VPP process emphasizes the continual identification and elimination of hazards.

Become a Special Government Employee (SGE)

As a Special Government Employee (SGE), volunteers work alongside Utah OSHA during VPP site-evaluation visits. SGEs fulfil a service on behalf of their employers by providing outreach to other companies. At the same time, SGEs take back to their VPP-participating employers any Best Practices they encounter during site-evaluation visits. Serving as an SGE allows VPP participants and Utah OSHA to work together in promoting safety and health leadership.

Dates and locations for upcoming SGE courses are featured in the attached schedule. Please note that the SGE Application is due a few months before the training.

Utah OSHA proudly presents our current Utah VPP Sites:

Benefits of VPP Participation

  • Injury and illness rates at VPP sites on average are more than 60 percent below industry norms.
  • Fewer injuries and illnesses mean greater profits as workers compensation premiums and other costs plummet. VPP worksites have saved more than a billion dollars since the program began in 1982.
  • Establishment of a cooperative relationship between the worksite and OSHA.
  • Increased morale, a feeling of ownership among employees and an improved relationship between labor and management at the worksite.
  • Participants provide effective input into OSHA’s standard setting process, with examples of proven ways to protect workers in their industries.
  • Continuous improvement of successful programs through internal and external reviews as part of the VPP process.
  • Positive community recognition and interaction

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what Morton Salt has to say about VPP:

"Morton Salt began business in 1860 and has operated a Solar Salt facility in Utah since 1918. The site utilizes solar energy to produce salt. The Grantsville Utah facility primarily manufactures products for water softeners, pools, canning, agriculture and industrial uses. Safety of our employees has always been a primary focus and is evident in our core principal.

"Nothing is more important that Safety and Health, Not Production, Not Sales and Not Profit.

"Our search for the best Safety Management System ended when we partnered with Utah OSHA and adopted the Public Sectors systems under VPP (Voluntary Protection Program). Accountability, sound management systems and the requirement for management support and active employee involvement are the significant drivers allowing Morton Salt to have injury rates well below the industry average. VPP has become part of our safety culture and we are honored to have been recognized by Utah OSHA as a STAR site within their program."

Occupational Safety and Health Administration VPP

Adopted on July 2, 1982, OSHA's VPP recognizes worksites that have achieved and are maintaining excellence in worker safety and health protection through cooperation among Public Sector, industry and labor. The VPP is composed of three different programs:

  1. STAR - recognizes sites that have distinguished themselves with the highest level of safety and health excellence;
  2. MERIT - recognizes sites that have good safety and health programs, but must take additional steps to reach Star quality; and
  3. STAR DEMONSTRATION - recognizes worksites that have Star quality safety and health programs, but requires demonstration and/or testing of experimental approaches that differ from current Star requirements.

A site that applies for participation in the VPP must submit a written application that addresses the major elements of the program: management leadership and employee involvement; worksite analysis; hazard prevention and control; and safety and health training. An onsite review by Utah OSHA officials to evaluate the workplace safety and health program and to interview employees at the facility is the final stage of the application process.

Further information regarding OSHA's VPP can be found on the Agency's website.

For more information about Utah’s VPP program, please telephone 801-530-6901 and ask for the VPP Coordinator.

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